Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall In Love

It's the perfect fall day. Even with the wind, it's Autumn at its finest. It's why I love living not just in  Nova Scotia but in the northern part, with the hills and the river valley.
We were just lazing in bed until my husband said, "Why don't I take you into Oxford to the farmers' market?" I was out of bed, dressed and waiting in the truck before he'd finished his second cup of coffee. The market wasn't busy but it certainly put us in the mood for more adventures.
"Could I interest you in a cup of tea?" my husband asked, and with take-aways in hand, we turned left instead of right and headed out of town.
I couldn't believe what a beautiful day it was. After a lush and green summer, now the leaves are vibrant reds and yellows, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. No wonder this my favourite season.
"This is a day to focus on all our blessings," I said as leaves skittered across the road and twisted in the air around us. "We are lucky to have each other and to live in a such a wonderful part of the country. Let's just enjoy being happy."
In Collingwood, I spied a sign announcing a yard and bake sale at the community hall so we turned around to check it out. I scored a warm hoodie for Dwayne  and a coat for me to wear to the chicken coop (alas, the leaves remind me that winter is coming). Still, we weren't ready to head home. We headed further up the road and when we pulled into the local snowmobile/ATV dealer, just for a moment I thought, He's gone and bought something and this is is way of surprising me. Not so, however, and I'm not sure if I was relieved or disappointed. We looked, and sat, and even turned on, and he let me decide which colour we'd get, if... (Red).
We kept on driving and found ourselves up the mountain, found friends to visit and a large dog in need of a serious butt scratch. They told us about discovering a patridge dead inside the cabin.
"It must have been flying from the other side of the creek," they said. "It went right through the centre of the window."
Only in the country. But better a home invasion by a doomed bird than a determined thief.
"Could I treat you to chowder for lunch?" my husband asked as we headed back into town. Not yet ready to return home, not ready to come down from our happiness high.
What a day for being content, for counting blessings, for feeling lucky, for being in love - with each other and with northern Nova Scotia.

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