Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Nice Just To Be Nominated!

I've written six articles for Saltscapes magazine over the past few years (under my original name of Sara Jewell) and twice, the editor, Heather White, selected one of my articles to submit to the Atlantic Journalism Awards. This year, my Fall 2011 story about our experience with the ospreys who nest very close to our home ("The Circle of Life") is a finalist in the category of Atlantic Magazine Article.
When I first saw the published piece, I was so impressed with the photos by Perry Jackson (who also did the photos for my other submitted piece back in 2008) and with Shawn Dalton's layout of those photos.Always a team effort when you work with Saltscapes, and I'm just the word girl.
Thanks to Perry, Shawn and Heather at Saltscapes for making those words look so good.

(I can't wait for the osprey to return so I can tell them the good news.) 

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  1. Bette MACALONEYApril 24, 2012 7:50 pm

    Congratulations Sara on your article being submitted for the Atlantic Journalism Awards. I read your article about "Circle of Life" and thought it was very interesting.

    Anytime I see the magazine or know one of your articles are in it I buy the magazine just to read your articles. I have always found them very interesting.
    Bette MacAloney

    I know since you have started working at the Journal office you have made that small town journal much more interesting. (for me at least) and a neighbor friend of mine also finds your work interesting.

    Congratulations Sara and keep up the good work.