Monday, April 09, 2012

In This Week's Issue

My conversation this week is with a couple who run a small-scale farm -- four horses, two cows, two goats, a flock of hens, one peacock, two dogs, several cats...and one pig.
One very lovely, very large, very motherly pig.

No wonder I enjoy this part of my job: Everyone has such an interesting story, even Priscilla here. She was an "industrial" pig;  Louise and Kirsteen bought her when the pig farm she lived on closed down and now she is fulfilling her life's purpose as a sow producing piglets every spring. Those pigs are all sold to families to be butchered for meat but they are raised humanely; each one has a name as well (this year, it will be B names).
That's what my conversation is about this week: why knowing where their meat comes from matters to this couple.
Check it out in this Wednesday's issue of The Oxford Journal.

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