Sunday, October 21, 2012

Results of Saturday's Vote

Town of Oxford:

Mayor of Oxford: Trish Stewart
Councillors: Barry Patriquin, Darlene Ellis, Paul Jones, Tom Kay, Dawn Thompson, Wade Adshade

Municipality of Cumberland County:

District 1: Don Smith
District 2: John Kellegrew (acclaimed)
District 3: Keith Hunter
District 4: Allison Gillis (acclaimed)
District 5: Lynne Welton
District 6: Bill Baker
District 7: Dan Rector
District 8: Ernest Gilbert (acclaimed)
District 9: Mike McLellan
District 10: Michael F.J. McLellan (acclaimed)

Town of Springhill:

Mayor: Max Snow
Councillors: Harold Delaney, Doug Dobson, Darrell White, Jack MacDonald, Lance Lockwood

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