Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Two Minutes of Fame

The email was a surprise -- "Would you be interested in being a community correspondent for CTV Morning Live?"
The sender said she was from Collingwood Corner so she must have discovered me through the newspaper. 
I said yes, figured out how to work Skype on my tablet and made my debut this morning with Cyril Lunney. It's just two minutes and Cyril gets a day's notice of the two items I want to talk about. This morning, I highlighted this Saturday's potluck and auction in support of the Cumberland County Exhibition, and the weekly Friday night jam at the Capitol Theatre in Oxford. Great to be able to boost our community events. 

I do it from my office upstairs so that the dogs and cats don't bother me -- or my set-up: the tablet is duct-taped to a music stand in order to get it at the right height and angle! 
When I was done, I hollered down to my mother (the photographer) and my husband, "Did I embarrass myself or am I allowed downstairs again?"
I didn't tell anyone but my friend and co-worker Jane that I was doing this just...in...case but I remembered to smile and speak slowly and I remembered all my lines. A successful and not-so-nervewracking debut. 

Hard to take a good photo of someone when they're talking!

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