Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bringing the Christmas Tree Spirit Home

Since it was so cold on Saturday, sunny but with a nasty wind chill, we said, "Why not wait until first thing tomorrow to get our Christmas tree?" Since the snowstorm wasn't due to start in earnest until mid-morning, what could nicer than heading back to the woods to find our tree in the midst of gently falling snow? We'd even thought about doing a fire and cooking breakfast sausages and beans!
But the snow started early -- well before nine -- and once the call came that church was cancelled (we would find Joy in the woods instead), we headed out.
Not far. Just up the lane to our woods on the left.

We took the truck because getting it on the four-wheeler would have meant broken branches.

The woods are particularly peaceful when it's snowing. No wonder my husband spends so much time here. He cut this lot many years ago and the trees are growing up nicely.

I made sure to say, "Thank you, tree," as Dwayne sawed through it. Don't want to mess with the tree spirit!

Now that the December 15 snowstorm is blowing in as predicted (lovely, lovely, lovely!), we -- what am I saying? -- I will spend the afternoon decorating it. In stages. With lots of yelping and complaining. Stages: Allowing Archie the young cat to adjust to the tree. So far, he hasn't tried to climb it. The yelping and complaining? What might keep him out of the tree -- very prickly spruce branches -- will make decorating it a big headache.
Yet as always, it will be worth it when it's completed.
I wonder if the power will go out as soon as I turn the lights on?!?

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