Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Women In Nature: An Anthology

An essay I wrote about discovering the pleasures of walking in the woods at my (then) new home in the country was selected for an anthology being released this spring by Louise Grace Publishing (www.louisegracepublishing.com) called "Women In Nature: An Anthology".

The essay is entitled "In The Woods I Am Invisible". It is inspired by a poem by the wonderful Mary Oliver and I'm so pleased it has found a home in this anthology. The essay celebrates the joy of exploring the living world around me -- when marriage brought both love and 72 acres into my life -- including the thrill and potential challenge of co-existing with wild animals (mainly bears and coyotes).

For this emerging publisher to get started on this project, and be able to produce future "Women In Nature" collections, the publisher has launched a fundraising program:

Please check it out. I hope you will consider supporting this nature-friendly publishing project. 
Every dollar counts!

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