Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Poor Dears

As humans, our instinct is to help, to provide.
We want to dump a load of carrots and apples in the back yard to help but common sense trumps empathy. We would only be helping ourselves suffer less.
It's been a hard winter on the deer. Early snow, deep, and ice. Lots of ice. They just get their trails carved through the snow to and from their deer yard and their feeding grounds (for us, the recent clearcut land next door) and then there is a storm, a thaw, another storm.
Perhaps as we cut down the woods and build houses on the fields and pave every inch in between, we should be helping. We should replace the habitat and food we destroy.
But humans don't have a great track record of our "help" working out. Somehow nature seems to get along better when we don't interfere.
So we just sit at the window and watch and enjoy and be grateful for their presence in our back yard.

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