Tuesday, May 06, 2014

This Should Terrify You, Rural Nova Scotia

Buried on Page 4 of the business section of The Chronicle Herald newspaper today is a story from the Associated Press (US) with this headline: FRACKING BYPRODUCT: CRASHES
It seems that in our great rush to exploit more of the earth and to seduce communities with promises of jobs and money, we are putting those communities at risk with more than the threat to our drinking water.
People are dying because more trucks on the road are resulting in more traffic accidents, many of them fatal. The article uses the word "frenzy"to describe our rush to begin hydraulic fracturing. Quote: "Drilling activity often ramps up too fast   for communities to build better roads, install more traffic signals or hire extra police officers to help direct the flow of cars and trucks."
Anything that is a frenzy is not a good thing. Where is the balance, the common sense, the respect for people and for established communities? Our way of life in Nova Scotia will be destroyed if hydraulic fracturing is allowed here. Our infrastructure certainly cannot handle the number of trucks that take supplies to the wells. Quote: "It requires 2,300 to 4,000 truck trips per well to deliver those fluids [the water, sand/gravel and chemical mix required for hydraulic fracking]. Older drilling techniques needed one-third to one-half as many trips."
The story is based in the United States but if this is happening there, it will happen here. Can you imagine what this will do to our roads and our communities in Nova Scotia if the fracking frenzy begins here? Apparently funeral homes will benefit from this boom, too.

Read the entire article, complete with traffic fatality numbers, here:


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