Monday, May 11, 2015

A Rabbit Habit

I went out for a walk last evening after supper then did a stroll around the property, just to see if anything was growing in the strawberry patch.
Spring is a month behind here in Nova Scotia and yet as I passed the round bales of hale squatting by the patch, I spied the first sprouts of dandelion leaves.
I thought, "Rosie!"
Because that's been the habit for seven years: Grab the early shoots of grass and clover and dandelions and take them to Rosie for her first taste of spring.
But now there is no Rosie. There is no quiet bunny eager to eat these sprouts, no furry nose to twitch over the scent of new greens, no friend to hear me say, "In another month, you'll be able to move to the cottage."
These small habits I took for granted.

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