Saturday, September 19, 2015

Glamourous Life of a Country Girl

Five of the six winners and three of the six judges.

We were in Halifax today for the awards presentation of the Atlantic Writing Competition, at the absolutely gorgeous, light-filled, book-filled new Halifax Public Library (how many years until we stop calling it "new"?!).
We checked out the Word On The Street vendors then cruised around Spring Garden Road, ate at a Turkish restaurant for lunch then shopped for shoes and sweaters and dresses.
The Nova Scotia Country Boy was very amiable about it all, mostly because he had a nice steak and fries for lunch, and he knew he was stopping at the Masstown Market for a big scoop of chocolate ice cream.
When we arrived home, finally, at five o'clock, I changed out of my skirt and blouse, put on shorts and a T-shirt, my Bog boots and gloves, and headed outside to clean the hen pen.
The glamourous life of a country writer!

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