Monday, February 01, 2016

Over the Fields and Through the Woods

I'm taking a wee break from posting on this blog. The Field Notes book -- all 40 completed essays -- are due at the end of the month. 29 days! So I want to concentrate completely on the editing and revising of these essays. This is such important work -- life-changing work -- so I want to immerse myself completely in it.
Right now, I'm feeling okay about everything; I haven't hit the "this sucks, I suck, the whole world sucks" phase yet, and I don't feel panicked about getting everything done on time. Hopefully, neither of those crises occurs but the more activities I can scale back on temporarily, the better. So I'll take a break from the pressure of writing on this blog and put all my creative energy into the essays.
My bi-weekly Field Notes column will be posted here every other Wednesday and any irresistible tidbit that demands to be shared, but nothing more regular than that.
By the time spring arrives, I'll be back.
Don't hesitate to get in touch, though, through Facebook or email (via the Contact Me button). I'm not going very far...if I'm not in my office, I'll be snowshoeing over the fields and through the woods.

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