Friday, May 27, 2016

Shake Your Tail Feathers

I finally made it to Shubenacadie Wildlife Park.
I know. An abomination! I've lived an hour away from the park for over nine years and this is the first time I've visited.
First of all, I can't believe admission is only five bucks.
Second of all, being greeted by this handsome fella -- who actually shook his tail feathers at us -- was worth the price of admission. I could have spent an hour just watching him and the long-suffering peahen who, I swear, did an eye roll when he took to shakin' all over.
Thirdly, while it's not a petting zoo, we did get to pet some deer. As long as we get to pet something (Jane is still waiting to be allowed in with the big cats), we're happy. 

Dwayne's father had peacocks down at the farm, and I remember them hanging out in the trees at Scone Palace during our Scotland trip in 2010. I would LOOOOOVE to have peacocks but having spent a morning listening to them scream at the top of the peacocky lungs all over the park (there's at least half a dozen of them strutting around), I know our neighbours across the road would not be pleased. Those gorgeous feathers certainly belie a loud holler.

(For fun, stand back and watch the people sitting on the benches at the entrance to the park - they jump a foot when the peacock lets out a yell!)

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