Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Early Babies

My friend Jane became a grandmother a month earlier than expected (mother and baby girl are fine) and our osprey babies showed their heads two weeks earlier than usual. Not sure what this means, or if they're connected (the June full moon?), but as surprising as nature can be, it's still a delight since back in April, we weren't sure if the osprey pair was even going to return to this nest to raise young again.
Like anyone else, all we want -- whether its human or bird -- are healthy babies and happy parents so it's all celebration. For us, that celebration -- another three osprey babies -- is tinged with anxiety and not the new-parent kind.
So what's the plan, you ask, to prevent another eagle attack like last August? Once both parents are leaving the nest each morning to fish for their three growing fledglings, I'll be getting up at dawn to do guard duty. Not sure how I'll scare away the eagle -- my lawn chair and roar of rage may not be as scary when the eagle is ten feet above -- but I have a couple of weeks to figure that out.
My mother has a BB gun. Maybe the sound of that itty bitty gun -- along with my roar -- would be enough of a deterrent. I'd hoped to muster up an army of crows but they didn't settle around our yard this year.
I'll figure something out, not to worry. The eagle will not win this year, if I have to shimmy up that pole and sit in the nest myself.

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