Monday, February 27, 2017

Kids, Kids, Glorious Kids

Three day old Clover, a Pygmy, is content and quiet.

It was the best voicemail ever: "Hi, it's Theresa. We have baby goats if you want to come meet them."
Do I? I couldn't get there soon enough.

As I drove away from the Wood's home on Mount Pleasant Road, Mark laughed at me.
"So you had an afternoon of zen goat meditation?"
Definitely. I was frozen from sitting inside a drafty barn for two hours but who could ever get enough of holding little baby goats who are warm and snuggly and quite content to lay in your arms or on your lap?
And fifteen minutes after I'd left the barn and was on my way home, Autumn, the Saanen I'd spent much of the afternoon petting because she seemed to want it, gave birth to twins. So there will be more zen goat meditation in my near future.
Like, this afternoon.  You can never get enough baby goat love.

I'm holding Violet's lovely daughter, Ahsoka. One day soon, I'll get to milk Violet.

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