Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Rural Fashion Show

The day before the dinner party we'd planned for our tenth wedding anniversary, I realized we needed some kind of entertainment in between the meal and dessert. Something that would aid digestion -- laughter works, right? So I wrote a fashion show highlighting the last ten years of city girl/country girl style!
My friend Jane, who can always be called upon at a moment's notice to perform some outrageous task on my behalf, read the commentary. 
My mother seems to think it was brilliant and must go on the road; I think it would be perfect for the book launch if there is a Field Notes 2 so I don't want to give anything away. Instead of showing the final showstopper ensemble (yes, there was camouflage), here is a sample from mid-way through the show:

"Sara has swapped those glorious hot pink mules for a sturdy pair of Muck boots highlighted with hot pink. As clunky and rubbery as these boots are, they are perfectly suited for mucking around the yard and walking around the field with her dog.
Unfortunately, there are a few hazards associated with living in the country surrounded by woods.There isn’t much we can do about bears and coyotes, but we do have the solution for the problem of TICKS. Sara is enjoying her hemp hat with its soft-cottony feel, and wide, tick-deflecting brim." 

It was surprisingly easy to come up with a "city girl/country girl fashion show", and even work my Nova Scotia country boy into it (he looked alarmed when Jane told him to stand up!). Maybe I should turn it into a show -- although Dwayne tells me I can't take a REAL gun on stage with me...

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