Saturday, December 23, 2017

Made In Nova Scotia

"This is for you," my mother said, handing me an unwrapped, pre-Christmas gift. "Because your other aprons are all so grotty."
But how perfect is this one? The Nova Scotia tartan to wear in the heart of my home: the kitchen.
"Are you going to take pictures of yourself or are you going to help me make this pie?" my mother finally asked.
But how perfect is this one? Baking a Maritime mock cherry pie for a pre-Christmas chowder supper with some of my husband's clan (who told us, "We look forward to this all year!").

These are the Christmas moments I crave now: a meaningful gift like this apron, and time in the kitchen creating with my mama. Blessings, for sure.

May your holiday be filled with such as these, as well as peace, joy and love.

(and darling Ethel, I will wear this apron when I bake your long-awaited upside-down apple cake. I promise you'll get it before next year!)

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