Monday, January 08, 2018

A New Home for Field Notes

An update to the announcement that Field Notes is no longer a newspaper column: That's because it's now a magazine column.
Although I love writing for newspapers, and perhaps in a past life was a newspaper reporter, I've returned to my roots as a magazine writer with At Home On the North Shore magazine, published by Advocate Media out of Pictou, NS.
This quarterly magazine is now into its third year of publication and I'm absolutely delighted to be part of the magazine's team of "heart and home" writers, like designer Lori Byrne and editor Crystal Murray. A Field Notes column will appear in every issue, and hopefully also an article representing my little chunk of the North Shore, from Wallace to Amherst, as well.

Although the magazine is dropped off free at various locations, including Masstown Market, for convenience, I recommend getting a subscription. It's only $16 for the four issues. If you call this week/this month, your subscription should begin with the spring issue -- in which Field Notes celebrates the dandelion!
Call Advocate Media at 902-485-1990 and ask for Lorraine (Ext 435). Tell her Sara Jewell sent you!

For more information, and to read back issues, check out the magazine online.

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