Thursday, April 26, 2018

In Sickness and In Health

Been flattened by the flu this week so have had no energy for anything, least of all dragging my aching body across the yard for a photo update of this year's nest. Please enjoy this lovely scene from this date last April.
I can't remember the last time I was sick; Dwayne says he's never seen me this sick but I think it happened when I was a substitute teacher and contracting student germs. Between gingerale and Popsicles (for the incredibly sore throat), I consumed more sugar over the course of three days than I had in the previous six months!
Had to drag myself out today to run necessary errands and do a quick interview for one last-minute addition to the At Home magazine summer issue but it's pretty much been a pajama party all week -- if you want to interpret "party" as me wrapped in fleece blankets on the couch watching TV until my head gets so sore, I have to lie down in bed again.
Now I'm at the "still sick but feeling just enough better to be grumpy and whingey because I missed an entire week of work" stage. And hydrating with water, finally. And wondering if I might have taste buds again soon.
And craving another orange Popsicle. And I think I might have to lie down again.

(Not that I'd rather hurt myself, but at least when my mother broke her arm, she got to eat my fabulous gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches every day!)

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