Friday, May 04, 2018

Personal Flotation Dog

Okay, I know there's record-breaking flooding in New Brunswick but I'm pretty sure here along the River Philip, there's no risk of the water level rising high enough to float the dog.

So...the country boy has decided his dog needs to go out in the boat with him. The world's most neurotic dog -- and he thinks she'll be chill riding in his fishing boat. The boy loves his Boxer, but has secret fantasies about a Retriever. The good new is Abby is used to water and knows how to swim.

In an attempt to make this go the way he wants, this is the project: 
Stage one: get the dog used to wearing a life jacket.
Stage two: get the dog into the boat -- on dry land.
Stage three: keep the dog in the boat when it's on a lake. 

If this works, it will be pretty cool. If it doesn't work, she'll be one wet dog -- and more neurotic than ever. 

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