Monday, January 14, 2019

Six Months: A Pond Study

The pond, January 2019
As I skated over the lumpy ice on Sunday afternoon, I looked over at the sitting rocks on the far edge of the pond. Only the tops of them are visible out of the ice and skiffle of light snow. I remembered sitting on those rocks and dabbling my feet in the water  last summer and thought I should "dabble" my feet again.
Not that I could really wiggle my toes inside my skates.

I do enjoy living in a country where there are four seasons. I'm not one for complaining about the cold and the snow, or starting on December 21st to say, "Oh, the days are getting longer," every single day. I can't think of anything that would make winter last longer than seeing it only as a horrible season to be endured, rather than embraced and enjoyed.

There couldn't have been a better afternoon for lacing up the new skates -- oh! so comfortable! -- and swirling around the ice for an hour. I'm sure that shot of Vitamin D from the sun did me a world of good.
Gotta thank my husband for getting my butt off the couch where I was reading. I was using the cold as an excuse not to go outside but he kept saying, "So when do you want to skate? I have to load the wood."
He tended the bonfire whilst I skated (and sent the dog to check on me when I fell) but today, he went to town and bought himself a new pair of skates.
So another first soon to be recorded here: skating with my Nova Scotia country boy.

In 2017, I wrote about skating for the first time in Nova Scotia on our new pond. Here's the Field Notes column.

The pond, August 2018

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