Monday, February 04, 2019

It's A Really Big Pond

While I sat inside the house reading, I completely forgot that we'd had snow overnight so the pond wouldn't be ready for skating when I put my book down and picked up my skates.
But what a sense of accomplishment when, after two hours of shovelling, I had the entire surface cleared of snow.
The pond is bigger than I realized!
With showers and freezing rain in the forecast, and freezing temps later this week, I get the anticipation of a wonderful weekend whizzing over this one woman's work.

Tonight is the new moon -- meaning "no" moon -- so we waxing towards the full moon in two weeks. My one goal this winter is to skate at least once after dark in the moonlight. Wouldn't it be lovely if my country boy and I could skate under the moon on Valentine's Day?

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