Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Out Standing In My Field Again

From this angle, my office looks lovely - you can't see my messy desk!

What a week it's turned out to be!
Nimbus (my publisher) and Vagrant Press (the fiction imprint) decided last week to start an online book club for the weeks/months we are in quarantine. They held a vote between four books, one of which was mine, and on Sunday, it was announced that Field Notes was chosen as the first book of the club.

My role in all this is to post once a day for seven days about something related to the book, including a video of me reading from one of the essays.
That 5 minute video took THREE HOURS to upload to the discussion group today! All hail rural satellite internet that is even slower than usual because of the increased volume of users stuck at home.
It was ridiculous (although I used the time to do two loads of laundry and read) but hopefully the effort was worthwhile for those watching me read from "Starry, Starry Night".

It's been wonderful to talk and think about Field Notes, the book, again, and to come up with ways to interact with readers. I still love my sweet little book - my first book - and wish there could be a follow up. Rural life is special, and disappearing, but if there's one thing this pandemic and quarantine has shown me, it's how lucky I am to live in the country.
If I ever had to choose between truly high-speed broadband and food... I certainly feel fortunate we have a big property where we can grow our own veggies.

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