Friday, October 02, 2020

A Blessing At the Beginning of October

Now that we are in October -- that bridge month of vibrant colour and cool, starlit nights that carries us from the heat and lushness of summer into the dark, stripped-down days of November -- here is a blessing I wrote as we continue to learn new ways of living with the pandemic, and political, upheaval and uncertainty. 

Do not give up.
This is life, 
and it is blessed
even when it is hard.

Do not give up. 
You are loved,
and you are blessed,
even when you are scared. 

Do not give up.
You are healed,
and it is a blessing,
even when you don't feel it,
because healing is love and peace
and a moment of joy
even when there are tears and pain.

Do not give up.
You are beloved,
you are known,
and you are not alone. 

~ Sara Jewell 

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