Monday, July 16, 2012

Music for the Spirit

Christina Martin, who lives around the country corner from us, released her latest CD at the cafe in Pugwash on Saturday night and we were thrilled to be part of the crowd. I was thrilled when she winked at me during a song she knows is difficult for me to hear. These are the opening lines (as accurate as I can get them) of her song, "There Is A Light":

'I asked my love
On the back porch yesterday
What's the name they call this thing
That drives my thoughts away?
It's not my heart
And I hope that she will stay
That it won't take the man I used to be
The love from you to me.
There is a light
When it turns on, there is love...'

Christina, brilliant songwriter, wrote this song as part of her work with dementia patients and their caregivers during her past year as an artist-in-residence at Dalhousie University's Geriatric Medicine Research in Halifax. It puts into song what I believe was my father's experience with the disease.
The first time I heard this song, it was the encore at the Pugwash CD launch for her husband, Dale Murray, and I wasn't expecting it so I bawled my eyes out. Now I can hear it without breaking down.
But it was good of her to find me in the crowd.  
This writer is inspired and encouraged by that writer. 

Listen (over and over) to the whole song, There Is A Light, at Christina's website:

Cover of her latest CD

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