Friday, July 06, 2012


A gardener's delight this morning: Woke up to heavy showers but now, before nine, the sun is shining.  So two days of rain and three evenings off from watering.
The robins are busy pulling worms from the ground. It's fascinating to watch even if totally unappetizing. I took a really good photo of my lace Wyandott hen grabbing a worm and eating it but when I showed my mother, she said she wasn't going to eat my eggs anymore.
"Now that I know what goes into them," she said.
We're getting ready for a large yard sale here tomorrow on the rural route and the biggest hassle isn't going to be sorting through everything we've collected since last summer (from the renovation and my mother's move here); the big hassle will be keeping my mother from taking back half the stuff she decided last year didn't need any longer.

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