Monday, September 23, 2013

Country Girl Gets Booked In The City

Until I hear about a transit bus running down a pedestrian on a rainy morning (today) then I remember why I chose to live in the country.
But a day like yesterday when it's sunny and windy, and readers and writers and lovers of all things wordy gather in one spot to celebrate all things wordy -- it's a great day. 
We had to make an early start to our pilgrimage from the country since I wanted to attend the magazine panel at 11 o'clock. Worth it! It was like 45 minutes of professional development. I also was able to introduce myself to Trevor Adams, editor of Halifax magazine, who makes me laugh at his funny editor tweets, and Jon Tattrie, fellow magazine freelance (we both had articles nominated for an Atlantic Journalism Award in 2011 and I've been wanting to meet him).
My mother was kind enough to keep me company so I treated her to another wonderful lunch at her favourite restaurant, Murphy's. When you live in the Maritimes, any food eaten by the water tastes better. 
But what made the entire four-hour round trip drive worth it was the CBC readings in the afternoon. I'll go to any of Stephanie Domet's readings because she is a delight and following her was the event's headliner, Jian Ghomeshi of the CBC program, Q. 
What a stellar entertainer he is. Who knew he was so funny? Had the audience eating out of his hand from the moment he stepped up to the microphone and welcomed himself to St. John's! He was 90 minutes of riveting storytelling, reading from his book, and engaging with the audience. I dare you to find someone who left there NOT completely enamoured with him.

I'm part of the adoring crowd just to the right of the microphone cord! Blue sweater and glasses. 
(Photo by David Blomme, CBC Nova Scotia)

On a personal note: all the readings were a great lesson in being a writer and a reader. The tricks? Smile, engage emotionally with your listeners, and be funny. Laughter is such a winning way. 
It was a great day, very inspiring and motivating. Oh, and yeah, I bought books too!

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