Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parker Needs A Permanent Parking Spot

Marilyn Williams, who writes "Marilyn's Musings" for the paper, is well-known for her advocacy work on behalf of local animals. She is president of the Lillian Albion  Animal Shelter in Amherst, and also, separately, started a successful, ongoing campaign to have stray and feral cats in our communities spayed and neutered. Donation boxes for that cause are available at many local businesses.
As a tireless and enthusiastic advocate for dogs and cats. she walks the talk.
Marilyn is now asking for helping finding a special cat named "Parker" a new home. Parker was discovered in the park in Wentworth and was so badly injured, he ended up losing a leg. Marilyn says he is adjusting well to life on three legs and needs a home ASAP.
"He would do well in a quieter home with even one other cat that is friendly," Marilyn says. "Parker is loving, has a great purring machine and perhaps even has some Burmese in him. We are sure at one time he was someone's house cat."
Parker is now living at the Northumberland Vet Clinic in Pugwash and they can be reached at 243-3999, or call Marilyn at 661-3183.

Handsome boy. 

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