Monday, April 14, 2014

Gotta Get Me Some Goats

I need to convince my husband that we need a couple of goats.
This is not going to be easy.
Yes, it's because I attended a cheese making class on Sunday, hosted by Heather Squires of Sweetwood Farm near Maitland, NS, and yes, it's because I fell in love with her goats (full story with photos later this week) but that's not the reason.
Goat's milk is very good for you and goats are easier to keep than cows.
Heather told us that cow's milk can take eight hours to digest whereas goat's milk, which is more fragile in its molecular makeup (an important detail when making cheese), digests in an hour or so. Fresh goat's milk that is refrigerated properly has no "goaty" taste and because of its molecular structure has a silkier texture and richer taste than cow's milk.
Nothing against our dairy farmers but if I can produce my own milk and use it to make my own feta and cream cheeses, and have a couple of pet goats in the process, I don't see any downside to getting goats.
The hard work isn't in keeping a couple of goats; it's in convincing my husband -- a cow man -- that this is a good idea.
Too bad goats aren't the kind of animal you can bring home and have around for awhile without anyone noticing.

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