Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Winter Weary

Are you getting the impression that this week's stormy days are just the last straw for our part of the world? Everything that has held on and defied the weather has lost its will to live.

Our flag is hanging at half-staff for itself; the do-hickey that holds it to the top of the pole finally gave up. Too bad we weren't flying the Nova Scotia flag -- otherwise this might be an accurate representation of how Bluenosers are feeling as winter continues to rage on April 1st!
On PEI, schools are closed for the fifth day in a row.

This was my drive to work along Route 301 this morning.

Plow season ended Saturday night so there is no assured salting and plowing service. Driving 40 km/hr made it relatively easy to take some photos. Actually, this spot isn't too bad; usually this is the place where snow drifts badly, sometimes dangerously.

Our osprey usually return around the 11th or 12th of April but their summer home is currently iced up. Amazing, though, that with the winter we've had, and the high winds of late, the nest is mostly intact. They'll have some repairs to do, they always do have to build it up again but it's ready and waiting for their return.

Doesn't really look at that hopeful, though, does it? Less than two weeks till the osprey return -- the same time frame since 2009 -- and their property is encased in ice. I wonder if their migration instinct adjusts for bad weather at their destination? Hope they're checking their Twitter account!

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