Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Golden Morning

Two winters ago, my husband was baiting coyotes way back in the woods on the frozen pond but what appeared at the bait shocked him: A pair of golden eagles. These birds are even bigger than a bald eagle and not as common.
This morning on our walk, I heard the call first then spotted a huge bird sitting on a fence post overlooking the clearcut by the church. I stood for the longest time just looking until I decided that it was indeed too big to be an immature eagle. A bald eagle was sitting in one of the few trees left behind by the clear cutters and it flew off only to be tackled by a pair of ospreys who drove it away.
The golden eagle remained sitting on the post.
On our way back, a truck was stopped in the middle of the road, taking photos of the golden now sitting on a branch left sticking out of a tall, narrow tree stump. By the time my husband and I returned in our vehicle, the golden was in flight, over the road and field before coming to sit on a fence post overlooking the river.
This confirms what I saw on Thursday: this same bird sitting the same spot calling.
Funny how was more and more people leave rural Nova Scotia, it allows more wildlife to move in and make a home. At the same time, we are cutting down more and more of our woods, depriving those same wild birds and animals of a space to live.

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