Monday, August 11, 2014

The Old-Fashioned Way

"I'm not growing potatoes anymore," my husband declared, stomping into the house, disgusted. "I've spent seventy dollars in powder trying to kill potato bugs and 70 bucks would buy more than enough potatoes to feed my family for the winter."
(Just want to say here, the whole 'feed my family' thing was both endearing and hilarious. Like we're pioneers and a hungry family of eight.)
But he's right: Potato bugs have overtaken his potato garden and we're not going to enjoy any of our own new potatoes this year.
Here's the thing, though: There is a cost-free way of getting rid of these voracious potato plant killers and my Nova Scotia country boy is well aware of the method -- he grew up doing it.
All you need it a bucket, a stick and a whole lot of patience.

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