Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lasting Gratitude

Good little squirrel that he is, my husband is busy this weekend putting in supplies for the winter. Yesterday it was cleaning and slicing carrots. He filled 12 large freezer bags! Today he's at the turnips. Six bags of those.
"Gotta keep my family fed all winter," he joked again.
My mother laughed then stopped and said, "You know, there are so many people who only get to eat turnip, you know, just one food."
Which reminded me that I spoke recently with a daughter whose father was a POW in World War Two and he was fed once a day, usually pumpkin soup. Once a week, he received a potato. I'm sharing his story in the newspaper this week.
So allow me to express my gratitude for a freezer full of vegetables and meat, and for this peaceful country in which we are free to grow an abundance and a variety of food.

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