Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bog Humbug

This is outrageous!
The dogs came through with a new pair of boots for their momma but there's a catch: My Bog boots have been urbanized.
They are narrower through the toes than my red Bogs, the one I've lived in for two years, the ones with the holes covered in duct tape. My Bogs are as much a part of my country life as are chickens, a four-wheeler and dark starry skies.
Apparently, the designers believe women who want to wear high all-weather boots are doing it for fashion. Those women are living in the city and walking to Starbucks for their cappucinos and scones. They're tucking their skinny jeans into high boots in order to look trendy. They'll be onto a new footwear fad next year.
But not this modern chickie.
Here in the country, it ain't about fashion, it's about tromping through snow and cleaning out the chicken coop and walking the dog through swampy fields. It was the deep snow of last winter that convinced me I should upgrade to a higher boot. I've worn Bogs since I moved here and while I'm thrilled they come in other colours besides black, it irks me that the urban rubber-boot-wearing fashionistas are messing with my practical, reliable, almost-indestructible country-girl's-best-friends Bogs.

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