Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cleaning Up

The old tractor is huffing and puffing in the yard today, clearing the snow drifts from yesterday's blizzard. It is an old tractor that remained in good shape because it sat in a barn until my husband's father suggested Dwayne take it home. But it snorts and bellows because of moisture in the gas tank or in the lines, things I know nothing about. I've seen it backfire then belch fire and smoke. Dwayne babies it, yells at it, curses it, but ultimately fixes it.
The old tractor is back in the warm garage now but my husband will stick with it until he solves the problem and then the huffing and puffing, snorting and bellowing will start again and our yard will be cleared.
As I write that, I hear the tractor revving up. Didn't they know how to build machines back then? They built machines to last. They built machines they way they lived: So they never give up. Just like my husband, born in the 50s just like the tractor he's working on right now.

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