Monday, March 23, 2015

A New Job Possibility?!

A version of this photo appears in The NovaScotian section of the print edition of today's Chronicle-Herald. I chose to leave Maddie Bushen (junior member with the Linden 4H club) in this shot because I love how the members have to/get to sit on the log to anchor it while someone is sawing. Front row seat to the grunting and forced exhalations!
Every column I write seems to be "my favourite" -- and the next one in May will be all about animals -- but each column reveals some new idea or skill I'm learning through this year in 4H and that gets my enthusiasm up.  I'm not bashful about admitting that I'm a totally biased journalist.
Not sure I want my husband to witness my act of sawing but this certainly is proof that what you think can't be done probably can be. Although the last sentence of my column is a true-ism!

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