Saturday, March 07, 2015

Taking the High Road

What a beautiful walk this morning, through the woods and over the river. 
For snowmobilers and people who have lived here all their lives, this is not a big deal -- walking over the frozen River Philip next to the TransCanada Highway -- but for me, Big Moment!
This is the first time I've done the loop from my friend Jane's house along the old rail bed trail and cross the river to continue along the other side and back through town to her house. It's a really pretty walk on the other side, one I've never done because we only walk to the river in the spring and fall, and of course can't go any further. Why it's taken us three years to do this loop in the winter is beyond me. Using the snowmobile trails for walking the dogs is the best way to keep active during the winter and thank goodness the Oxford and Area Trails Association is working so hard to get the multi-use trail open (as part of the TransCanada Trail). As part of their work to complete the trail, a bridge is being installed to complete this loop, over the river right here, right where I'm standing. Very soon, we'll be able to do these early morning walks year-round.
I didn't appreciate what a difference the bridge will make to the Oxford area until I walked across the river this morning so to quote Councillor Darlene Ellis, "Let's build that bridge!"

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