Friday, April 03, 2015


We enjoyed a fine walk on Thursday morning, the overnight dip in temperature making the snow crusty enough for walking. I don't know how many more of these mornings we're going to have, considering it was raining this morning and no one wanted to go outside. It's hard to believe it's April and yet there is three feet of snow covering the ground. I looked at the top of the fence around the hen pen and wondered how long it will be before our chickens can come out to play.
Remember how I planted all those daffodil bulbs along the lane so that there would be a profusion of colour in the spring before the leaves came on the trees? I wonder if the bulbs will wait or will they think they've missed their time and stay tucked inside their soil pockets?
I'm not a big fan of spring in a normal season, I have to admit. Too much confusion: How to dress, when to walk, all the puddles and soft lawn. I'll take black flies, mosquitoes and heat waves over slush and mud. And yes, you can remind me of that in July.
There is a period between the end of winter, with its minus 15 with a windchill mornings and spring, with the plus seven mornings, when the days are sunny but the ground is solid, when you can go for a long walk in the afternoon and breathe deeply while the dog runs full out for the first time in months.
That period last about five days.
I enjoyed it to the fullest this year, walking between six foot high snow drifts along the Dickson Road. Strange spring, folks, one we'll be talking about for a long time.
Remember the spring of 2015...when we were digging through the snow to plant our seeds?

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