Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Dog's Life 3

This dog is always up for a walk. Unless it's pouring rain, and she knows how wet it is outside, once I crack the door, I know to stop and listen. Seconds later, I hear her jump off the end of the couch where she has been lying, relaxed and content, seemingly uninterested in moving out of her comfort zone. If that door opens, if I am going somewhere, even just to the mailbox, she goes from zero to ten in the snap of a finger.
Such enthusiasm! What an attitude to cultivate: Ready Or Not Here I Come!
Hitting the floor already running, up for whatever journey lies beyond the door.
Even if it's just a trip to the mailbox.
I know part of it is her attachment to me and part of it is her protective instinct to know where I am, but it's nice to have a quiet companion who expresses such joy in being outside, being together, being in the field behind the house where the world seems so big and green and wonderful. Pleasure in the simple walks as well as in the longer journeys.
Both of which start with simply opening the door and sticking your nose up in the air to smell the possibilities.

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