Friday, June 12, 2015

A Dog's Life 5

Yep, just hanging around, waiting on the vet.
No problem here. Just waiting. Whining a bit. Panting 'cause it's hot in here. Or it is me?
Nope, not nervous, not me.
I weight 26 kilos, by the way. 57 pounds! Mama says I'm a chunky monkey 'cause of all the Timbits Papa gets me but he says I'm all muscles and brain.
The vet's late 'cause she said she needed to eat something before coming in to see me. I could do with a snack right about now too. I need energy for when I greet her.
I'm okay, by the way. No probs here. Just a wellness check. No needles, thank goodness. Mama says my immune system is strong.

I love my vet, by the way. Just love her. 'Cause she saved my life, you know. I ate something on a walk and went into some kind toxic shock thingy and Dr. Hunter saved my life.Mama wrote about all it here:
So yeah, Dr. Hunted gets extra-extra-love when I see her, which isn't very often 'cause I'm a healthy dog. Yeah, good times at the vet clinic.

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