Monday, March 14, 2016

Interrogating the Cats

"So do either of you boys know anything about the jar of pussy willows and osprey feathers lying on the floor?"
"Nope. Wasn't us."
"Did you see who did it then?"
"Nope, we didn't see anything. I think we were having a nap at the time."
"So you have no idea who would be interested enough in feathers to climb up on my desk and walk across the bookshelf and try to pull the feathers out of the jar and run down the hall with them?"
"Oh, THOSE feathers. I was just returning them to you."
"Really. And where did you find them?"
"On the floor by your desk."
"And how did they get on the floor?"
"I'm not sure, I was napping, but I think Oswald knocked the jar off the window ledge."
"Oswald the squirrel? The one who is at the bird feeder all the time?"
"Yeah, him. I bet it was him. You know, I think I saw him outside your office windows earlier. I was waking up from a nap."
"Really. So it wasn't either of you boys who knocked the jar off the ledge and dragged the feathers down the hall?"
"No. We have no interest in that kind of thing. None at all. Now, Oswald, on the other hand... You know what squirrels are like."

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