Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Book With Heart

We have a subtitle for the Field Notes book!
I'm not surprised it didn't take long to hear back from my editor because we are on a tight schedule to get this project into production for a fall release. She needs my title set for the catalogue.
Out of  my three suggestions, she reworked one and we have this:
"Field Notes: A City Girl's Search For Heart And Home In Rural Nova Scotia"
In choosing a subtitle that included the name of the province, we needed to strike a balance between the concept of 'field notes' -- observations & notations -- and the fact not every essay in the book is about me.

What tickles me is that the subtitle speaks to my collection of heart photos, like the one posted today. This knocker sits on the door of Inn the Elms, a B&B and restaurant in Pugwash, and matches the first essay in the collection. The title of my introductory essay is "100,000 Welcomes" which is the English translation of the Gaelic on the knocker. The claddagh is always full of heart....and mine is overflowing today.

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