Monday, April 04, 2016

All Stitched Up

I woke up early Saturday morning knowing that my winning streak was over: My throat was scratchy. For me, that's how my sinus colds begin. After more than a year, I'd finally been infected -- and it hit me on my first weekend off church work since August.
Of course it did!
I made it through our meditation workshop on Saturday morning then spent the rest of the day in bed hoping I could beat the cold with rest. Alas, the germs were stronger than my immune system so I spent Sunday lying in bed reading and scarfing comfort foods -- chicken noodle soup and toast with honey and potato chips. I woke up early this morning without any body aches (moment of gratitude!) and ready to write this week's Field Notes column. As your dedicated columnist, clogged sinuses would not keep me from making my noon deadline.
The photo is a hint about this week's subject and let me tell you, like spending four hours at a sugar shack, 500 words cannot do justice to the wonderful tradition of Quilting Day. And like my afternoon at the sugar shack, Quilting Day is another essay being filed away for the next Field Notes book.
Of course I'm planning that!
There are still plenty of stories to be shared about life in rural Nova Scotia and it will take a lot more than a cold to keep me from getting them into print.
But if you don't mind, I think your dedicated columnist is now going to crawl back into bed and dedicate herself to getting well.

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