Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wake Up Surprise

Osprey on its new field perch.

We woke up to spring snow this morning. I suppose everyone is complaining -- "I thought it was supposed to be spring" or "If it snows in May, I think I'll lose it" -- but this is what makes life in Atlantic Canada so interesting. It used to make Maritimers tough and resilient but now everyone is wimpy and whiny.
It's still spring, people. It's just a Nova Scotia spring. 
This layer of soft, wet snow is very good for the gardens so let's rejoice in how happy the tiny green shoots are this morning. Since we didn't get any April showers, this white stuff is welcomed by them. Now, if only the cold north wind would die down, the daffodils might get a chance to grow and bloom.

The breakfast buffet on our front deck...

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