Monday, August 01, 2016

First Flight 2016

Sunday morning about 7:15 a.m., one of the osprey babies became a fledgling by flying off the nest! It was hard to tear myself away from the view and head to church. I actually considered calling the small congregation in Port Howe and inviting them to worship on our back deck!
The Church of the Soaring Ospreys.

You can always tell the first few flights of a new osprey. There is an awkwardness to its swoops and turns, and most definitely to its landing. Usually for the first couple of flights, it takes the new flyer a couple of tries to make the nest.
This photo was taken this morning and I'd say this fledgling has the hang of it. He, or she, is doing wide circles around the nest and over the trees but not yet beyond what it must consider its "yard".  Now we wait for baby number two to flap and hop itself off the side of the nest and into the great blue sky.
August is a big month for the young ospreys. In less than six weeks, they must master flying beyond the yard and over the river AND catching their own food because by mid-September, the ospreys head south.

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