Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Out Of Office Reply

We are still alive!
We survived the big birthday celebration but between planning that and being away to the Island overnight then falling right back into the fast currents that seems to be this new version of my life in the country, there hasn't really been a moment to sit and write. This isn't even a moment (coffee mug in one hand, spoonful of yogurt and granola in another, trying to type with my toes...) because we're off on an a-mazing adventure today -- while missing a great adventure at home -- but this all means there is lots to write about later this week.
I give you this peaceful, pastoral photo of our Selkirk squirrel enjoying a rosehip. You've never heard of a Selkirk squirrel before? That's another story waiting to be told.
And we've never seen a squirrel eating rosehips, either.
Ta ta for now.

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