Friday, November 18, 2016

In Conversation With...

My first TV interview for Field Notes on Thursday, November 17

It's fortunate that I've been the CTV Morning Live correspondent for Oxford since 2013, and that I did two interviews on behalf of the Alzheimer Society for its annual conference and annual walk, because it meant I could walk onto this familiar set and know the people in the studio. Cyril and Alyse and Heidi are always happy to see their guests, I'm sure, but for my first TV interview, this made a big difference for me, I think.
This TV appearance mattered so much, I wanted to do well.
Heidi is friendly and welcoming and so easy to talk to, it was just like a conversation in a living room. I'm pleased with how the interview went, although everything now is a learning experience and this time I learned I need to complete my sentences! The more I talk about this book, however, the more easily and concisely my answers will come. The blind date will be a story I tell again, I'm sure, and the reference to the chicken hat...hmm, that was unexpected! 

Here's the link to the interview:

Not to mention, I was thrilled to be wearing my lucky T-shirt from My Home Apparel in downtown Truro. I love this T-shirt, which is made in Truro by Stanfield's, and I certainly appreciate that 5% from every sale goes to support initiatives in Canada to end homelessness.

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