Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crime Scene

This is Rocky.
Hello, Rocky.
We named him Rocky because he is a pugnacious little bugger. We go through a lot of squirrels here, on account of the road and their lack of evolutionary development that would stop them from dashing across the road without first stopping to look and make sure it was safe, and every so often we get one that is distinctive enough to be named.
Rocky is so named because he's quite vicious with the blue jays and mourning doves at the feeder. While other squirrels are content with jumping into the feeder and scattering the birds then sitting there chattering at them, Rocky lunges at them and often manages to pull feathers out of their butts. If you look closely at the top photo of Rocky sitting on the feeder, you'll see feathers opposite him.
Interestingly, he does not try this when the chickens are standing in the bird feeder (yes, I know, that's not really where chickens are supposed to be). 
Our deck is now covered in both chicken poop and butt feathers.
Come visit. We're delightful.

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