Friday, December 02, 2016

The First Snow

Why is it we need to post photos of the first snow every year?
Every year this happens. There is a first snow. Why is this more dramatic, more compelling than rain -- or the first leaves to turn red or even the first snowdrop?
Well, maybe not the first snowdrop. The first appearances of spring flowers are pretty special.
But there's something about snow...

Like last year, the ground did not freeze before the snow arrived. Under the heaps of heavy, wet snow, the ground is saturated with water. After such a dry summer! Amazing. And as I type this, there are long drips passing by my window as the snow on the roof melts in the drizzle. Everything is slushy, everything is muddy. It's a mushy, mushy marshmushy world.
Snow and rain. Say what you will about mild weather, I prefer my winters cold and snowy. This stuff is crap to walk in.

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