Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Best Christmas Present Ever

For the last five years, whenever my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I always answered, "My book published."
Poor man, it was the one gift he could not get for me.
And until the summer of 2015, it was not the Field Notes book! It was another book entirely (and that's a whole other story for January...). But I am very, very grateful and elated that "Plan B" turned into such a delightful and rewarding "Plan A".

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, read, gifted and shared Field Notes, the book, for the last 12 weeks -- it's been an amazing three months! Thank you for the kind words, enthusiasm and generosity you've shown in talking about the book. Thank you for liking "my cruddy writing" -- as I called it this morning during a lovely Christmas Eve walk with my friend Jane who she told me she's read the book twice and still gets goosebumps. Really? About something I wrote?
That's the magic, folks. The magic of writing and the magic of Christmas wishes. Thank you for giving me the gift I've always wanted.

As we head into the next few holidays/holy days, I wish all of you a time of peace, moments of joy, days as quiet or as noisy as you want. No matter what is going on in your life, I hope your heart is full of love, and your spirit calm and bright. Remember to breathe and to give thanks.
You are part of my life now in an entirely new and special way, and this makes Christmas 2016 the Most Wonderful Time of this year.

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